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MSI Wind Top AE2400 Review

Rating: 8.0.

The iMac has been selling well for Apple for many years and PC centric manufacturers are beginning to realise that there is a viable market for an attractive, capable ‘All In One’ unit. Today we are looking at the MSI Wind Top AE2400 desktop system which features an Intel processor and AMD discrete graphics paired up with a high quality 24inch 1080p touch screen.

The MSI Wind Top AE2400 on paper looks to be an ideal, general purpose ‘jack of all trades’ system to suit kids and older people who might struggle with a traditionally designed computer.

The Wind Top AE2400 is actually one of the older computers in the MSI range and therefore it doesn’t come with an Intel Core i3 processor as we recently noted in our Dell Inspiron One 23 review.

Instead, MSI offer several builds with the high end configuration based around the capable Intel Quad Core Q9400 CPU and AMD Radeon HD5730 graphics. The model we received for review is less expensive, with an Intel E5400 2.7ghz CPU at the heart of the system and the AMD Radeon HD565v (1GB) driving the display.

The remainder of the hardware between the systems remains identical. 4GB of DDR3 memory powers the 64 bit version of Windows Home Premium and a 1TB hard drive delivers enough storage for the video and picture editing demands of the household. A Bluray player is installed, making it an ideal partner for High definition movies.

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    I wish some of these would use phenom 6 core cpus 🙁

  • Tim

    Those videos are really helpful. the sound is brilliant, even via a camera ! Shame they have yet to move to core i3. that would make it a much better purchase. still, i quite like it.

  • Robert

    I really like this, id much prefer it to an imac. urghh. I dont need much processing power, and I have a E5400 in another machine. more than enough for me. I might talk the missus into one of these in the new year, if it hits the sales 🙂

  • Tech Head

    I think it is a little expensive, even factoring in the additional cost for the bluray drive. If it was core i3 then makes more sense. unusual for MSI to be behind Dell on one of these systems.

  • Francis Johnston

    The reviews here are really detailed, found it recently on google after reading a trusted reviews article. Exceptional site. This product is pretty good, but I agree, its dated in dec 2010.

  • KoRn

    too expensive. I dont mind paying extra for the good screen, speakers and bluray player, but I dont think its offering enough. That said, i wouldnt buy that dell machine either.

  • Tech Pron

    You need to look at this from the perspective of a family or parents, who want a nice, slimline all in one machine for a living room or study. something everyone can sit around and enjoy together. its not really geared for the hard core enthusiast gamer. Its a common problem when people comment on these systems.

  • Kalisco MudHopper

    This looks great for kids. I love the touchscreen idea. my mother also hates computers but like the Ipad. this would work for her perfectly.