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Intel Core i9-8950HK spotted again, this time inside of an MSI laptop with dual GPUs

Back in November, an AIDA64 update unveiled some new upcoming Intel processors, the most interesting of which was the Core i9-8950HK. This is set to be the first Core i9 processor for laptops and will apparently be based on the Coffee Lake architecture. This week, this particular CPU broke cover again, indicating that Core i9 laptops will be on the way soon.

The latest leak comes from 3DMark, where a new MSI laptop was tested, featuring two GTX 1080 GPUs and the Core i9-8950HK processor. As the AIDA64 leak suggested, the CPU does contain six cores and twelve threads, it will also supposedly be unlocked, opening it up for user overclocking.

According to the 3DMark leak, which was screenshotted by Videocardz, the Core i9-8950HK has a 2.9GHz base clock and a 3.9GHz boost. That is unfortunately all of the information we have so far, but it seems that laptop makers do in-fact have the chip in their hands and are currently developing new models equipped with it.

As for MSI's mystery laptop, it is set to be a power house spec-wise, with dual GPUs, 32GB of RAM and dual SSDs. Hopefully we'll hear more about this soon.

KitGuru Says: With this being a Core i9 CPU, I wouldn't expect to see it in a laptop under the £2000 to £2500 mark. It is almost certainly going to be reserved for the beefiest of them. Are any of you thinking about going for a gaming laptop? How much would you be willing to spend for true desktop replacement performance?

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