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AMD want cheap ‘Ultrabooks’

Intel have been pushing the latest generation of thin and beautiful ultrabooks, but the only problem for many people is the pricing. Often around £1,000 in the UK, pushing them out of range of the mainstream audience. AMD’s vice president of global product and outbound marketing Leslie Sobon spoke to techland and they have a different take on how to do it.

According to the report, Leslie showed Techland a prototype by Compal, a Taiwanese make who manufacture laptops for other companies. AMD wouldn’t let them take pictures of the new machine, but Jared, the author said it was only 0.71 inches thick and slightly heavier than many other Ultrabooks at the show.

Asus Ultra Thin - should sell for $450. Image courtesy TECHLAND

The main talking point however is the price – at around $500. If they manage to release a range of ultra slim, attractive machines at this price it will certainly target an audience who simply can’t afford Intel’s latest offerings via partners.

AMD apparently have a laptop with ASUS at around $450, which is pictured above. It isn’t quite as thin or light as the planned new range from AMD, but it is due in the States in the coming months.

Obviously, AMD can’t call their upcoming range ‘Ultrabooks’ as this is a trademark of Intel, but you can be sure their marketing division will have other names already prepared. If they can get a range of light, slim and attractive machines available around £400-£500 in the UK, we can see them doing well.

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