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Kinect-enabled laptops said to be not far away

We’ve known for a while now that Kinect will be making its way to PCs as software developers have been given access to Kinect for Windows SDK. But what’s of particular interest is in the way it will be used with notebooks. You’re probably quick to picture a large awkward Kinect bar being carted around with a notebook – which goes without saying that it would essentially defeat the purpose. But in fact, Microsoft are well on the way to having it completely integrated, much like in the way web cameras are now.

The Daily were just recently granted permission to take a look at a couple of prototype notebooks from ASUS running Windows 8, and where you’d normally see their web-cams embedded in the display bezel, this was replaced with a series of optical sensors and a row of LED’s at the bottom.

The source confirms that this definitely wasn’t ASUS’ own Kinect-alternative, dubbed WAVI Xtion, but in fact prototypes of what will be an upcoming wave of “Kinect-enabled” notebooks through the means of licensing the technology out to hardware manufacturers, not unlike the way it does already with Windows.

KitGuru says: Would you be comfortable making use of it while on the train?….

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