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New Core i5 processors coming without IGP support

Thanks to an updated compatibility list on GIGABYTE’s website for its LGA1155 motherboards, we can expect to see a few new Core i5 processors from Intel sometime soon. All three models are said to be the first Core i5 processors that are stripped of their integrated graphics circuits, with GIGABYTE denoting the Core Name as being “Sandy Bridge w/o CPU graphic”.

The models listed include one we’ve heard through the grapevine a few times recently, the Core i5-2550K which runs at a clock rate of 3.4GHz, while the other two include the Core i5-2450P and Core i5-2380P, each clocked at 3.2GHz and 3.1GHz respectively. In typical fashion, all three models have four cores with no HyperThreading and 6GB of L3 cache.

Apart from the lack of integrated graphics which should be of little to no concern for most who opt for discrete graphics, it is expected the new processors are identical in all other respects.

While a launch date on the models is not yet confirmed, whispers are suggesting we’ll see them show up on February 6th.

KitGuru says: One can only hope the decision to do away with the integrated graphics core translates into lower pricing.

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