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Alienware M17x R4 Review (i7 3610QM/ AMD HD7970M)

The 17 inch screen is glossy with a full high definition resolution of 1920×1080. The quality, as expected is excellent, with decent viewing angles. In direct sunlight it is hard to make out, but we can’t see too many people using this machine to check email on the move.

The multitouch trackpad is higher quality than many available on the market, although we do tend to use a bluetooth or USB mouse when possible. Both buttons are responsive and as far as trackpads go, this is great. The outer ring on the trackpad can also glow according to the colour scheme set via the software.

The two images above were shot with a 4 point flash directly in front of the M17x. It gives a good indication of the ‘mirror like’ reflection of the glossy screen tilted against the keyboard. This machine is designed for gamers, so they would demand a high contrast screen to enjoy games and experience high definition movies.

The keyboard is a full sized model, with numpad on the right. It is a great keyboard, although it falls short of the tactile nature of the leading model on the Lenovo Thinkpad X1. We do like the Star Trek style font however as it makes the keyboard stand out against other machines. If, like me, you have bigger hands, then the size is perfect.

The keyboard features a row of function keys across the top, which allow for adjustments to screen brightness, and to use the HDMI in connector on the right side of the machine. Just below the screen is a row of media keys which adjust the volume. You can mute the volume completely and enable or disable the wireless capabilities.

There are a series of media play, pause and stop buttons and a drive eject button here. The main power button is the Alien head in the middle of the chassis, underneath the screen.

Colours for all of these sections can be configured via the software, which is included.

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  • Davis

    Well I never thought I would say it, but £1,700 is actually pretty good value for that machine. must be their best priced laptop in a long time. I might end up going for a 128GB SSD though as 64GB is borderline.

  • Brian

    Thats a nice looking system. good pictures of the keyboard, is that the Star Trek font they use? lol.

  • Slash

    What a spec, my dream laptop. The ivy bridge mobile processors look good, but not really such a huge advancement for Intel.

    Shame they didnt use an AMD processor, but I suppose it wouldnt be popular.

  • WarrenUK

    Dell confuse me, some of their pricing upgrades are decent, like the HD7970 but the memory options can be excessive. the fact that this is easy to open makes me want to spec the memory as LOW as possible, then get some from amazon, like the corsair veageance (16gb for £100 on amazon for 1600mhz! 2x8gb!).

    Can this computer take 8GB memory sticks?

  • Hi Warren, yes it can take 8gb memory sticks. go for it !

  • Seth

    I dont mind dell machines. (its basically dell) – but I think id opt for a precision with Quadro for work. The only concern i have is dell batteries, ive had three other machines now and all the batteries fail after a year.

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  • WarrenUK

    I ordered one, now to deal with my wife 🙁

  • Alen

    You are mad buying one of these ! you could build one for much less ! alienware are a ripoff.

  • WarrenUK

    Dont talk nonsense, this isn’t a desktop system. you can’t make a laptop. half the parts aren’t widely available for a start.

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  • Andrew I

    Yes there are cheaper options like the vortex 3 from pcspecialist but they look cheap compared to Alienware. This is also cheaper than an apple too and has better spec. I’m sold on it