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Asus G74SX-91013Z 17.3 inch Notebook Review

Our G74SX sample arrived in a box that had seen better days.

The bundle includes the power adapter, Nvidia 3D Glasses, storage pouch and power lead. We are missing an LCD cleaning cloth, kitbag, ROG gaming mouse and driver discs. You can only imagine how many accessories a company like ASUS ‘lose’ every year at the hands of nimble fingered media reviewers.

Above: Have you ever wondered what a broken pair of Nvidia 3D glasses look like? Apparently a previous reviewer decided that he would rather sit on the glasses than actually use them. Duh!

The Asus ADP-150NB D power adapter will work worldwide (100-240V) and is rated 19.5V = 7.8A. It isn’t as big as the Alienware power adapters for the M18X laptop, but is still a substantial brick.

The G74SX is a nice looking laptop and certainly won’t be mistaken for a super portable. The angular design is rather understated and chunky, but equally appealing. It is crafted from metal and rubberised sections for protection.

The G74SX has ‘Republic Of Gamers’ branding on the panel hinge as shown above.

The G74SX is an attractive machine, well built and rather heavy. Not an ideal ‘on the move’ machine, but much lighter than the Alienware M18X we reviewed a few months ago.

The machine is rather elegant looking from the side, although it won’t be targeting the same audience as the superportable Sony Z. This is a serious gaming machine, and has been designed to suit hardcore gamers. The back of the machine for instance has two menacing, huge vents to expel hot air. The machine draws in cool air under the LCD from the front and passes the warm air out the back.

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