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iPad beater? Asus release new Eee Pad range – Webcam and USB

Our roving reporter has just sent us breaking news that Asus have released official information on their new Eee Pad tablet range of computers at Computex.

These machines are very attractive and the top model, named the EP121, is a 12 inch tablet which is actually lighter, thinner and (thanks to the Intel Core Duo CULV processor) supposedly faster than the Apple iPad. We say supposedly because the machine has to run a ‘full’ operating system …. Windows 7.

The big news is that Asus have included a USB port with their tablet allowing for many connectivity options and they also deliver a front facing Webcam for internet based chatting. Asus are also claiming battery life in the region of 10 hours, making it a match for Apples Ipad.

The pricing right now has still to be confirmed however we assume slightly less than Apples offerings. Sadly the worst bit of news is being saved till last – the release schedule is not until 2011, which will surely mean a head to head with Apple’s second generation iPad.

KitGuru says: USB and Webcam support is great, but surely by 2011 Apple will have this as well?

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