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Hewlett Packard Pavilion DM1Z Fusion Ultraportable Review

As we mentioned earlier, the Hewlett Packard DM1Z is equipped with an 11.6 inch 1366×768 resolution twisted nematic panel. For such a small screen, the resolution is very generous and the clarity is very good indeed across the full width of the screen.

The colour is vibrant, especially if viewed directly head on. Viewing at a slight angle vertically or horizontally means that the contrast will change, but this is common with a TN panel.

The colour calibration and gamma is fairly well calibrated at the factory although a minor tweak to the red channel removes a slight pink tinge, perhaps not noticeable to many, but it is there.

Text is sharp and clear and vertical and horizontal shifting is not noticeable. We would assume that Hewlett Packard have opted for a slightly higher quality screen than normally seen in this price range, to help ensure that the enhanced resolution doesn't prove to be a long term eye strain for a potential customer.

Black depth is relatively good for a screen in this class. Testing indicates around a 15% variance between the center area of the panel, with it trailing off to around 20% at the four corners. It is slightly more pronounced at the bottom left edge, although generally its not noticeable.

White purity is acceptable, with most of the panel registering around 10-15% across the width, peaking at 18% at the edges. This might seem high, but some of the recent laptops we have seen have reached around 30% at the edges which is easily noticeable. The whites aren't pure, but they are very realistic when watching a well recorded high definition movie. The screen is significantly better than others we have seen within this price range.

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