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Lenovo ThinkPad Edge S430 Review

Many people using this system will be enjoying Flash related content so we feel it is important to test with some of the more demanding material available freely online. Full hardware acceleration is enabled.

Flash playback demands vary between 7 and 28 percent and the average demand was around 16 percent. Hardware acceleration helps reduce CPU load.

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  • Brian

    I love their keyboards too, my boss has one in work (not sure of the model number, but the keyboard is fantastic).

    id rather have a less powerful laptop with a great screen and keyboard rather than the latest processor.

  • Dannie

    I hate the idea of the battery being inside the chassis. never liked that idea.

  • Warren

    I like the look of their new carbon X1. I bought the original X1 on your review last time and I think its almost perfect. If they improve the screen on the carbon version im flogging mine off and upgrading to the new one.

  • KitDon

    WOW, that thing is thicker than the power brick LOL

  • Lenovo ThinkPad Edge S430 beautiful laptop. They provide such as light in weight, built-in DVD writer, 14-inch wide HD+ screen, SD memory card, another USB port,2GB NVIDIA graphics card, memory capacity of 8 GB RAM and many more.