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MSI CX640 Laptop Review (Core i5/Nvidia)

To test the battery today we put the machine through three sets of real world situations. One as a media movie lover on the move, a person wanting to watch HD media on a train journey or bus with two thirds screen brightness (any less and quality suffers). Secondly as a business man, using the machine for productivity with wireless enabled and balanced power settings with a mid way (around half) brightness setting. Thirdly as a gamer on the move, with the nVidia solution fully active and screen brightness up high.

Battery life is actually pretty good, averaging just under 4 hours use under general ‘light’ duties. When watching media, this drops by around an hour, and when gaming the time available is around 1 hour and 50 minutes. The battery supplied is actually rated quite low, so if MSI offered a higher specification battery, the life would be dramatically improved.

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