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MSI GT680 Gaming Laptop Review (SSD/Bluray/i7/Nvidia)

The machine itself is a rather unusually styled beast with angular curves reminiscent of an earlier Alienware product.

The logo is embossed into the middle of the lid, with a honeycomb effect accented around it. This lights up when turned on.

The screen is a glossy 15.6 inch model running at a native resolution of 1920×1080 (1080P), ideal for high definition media playback, supported by the internal BluRay drive.

When the lid is opened, the design is certainly eye catching. Two speakers are situated at the top left and top right of the lower chassis area, these are accented with a red/pink colouring around the grills, to match the lines of the machine.

The onboard sound is supported by THX TruStudio PRO processing and there are four DynAudio branded speakers built into the chassis with a subwoofer for good measure. The sound is significantly better than the majority of laptops we have tested in the last year, although it certainly won’t be replacing a dedicated set of speakers at home. The bass response in particular is impressive for the limited physical dimensions, although if pushed high there is some noticeable clipping and distortion, which we would expect anyway.

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