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Retina Macbook Pro – will it match Dell Wide View IPS RGB LED?

Contrary to popular belief, Apple did release a Retina version of their MacBook Pro and Macworld have posted a first hands on, detailing their initial findings. We are wondering if the new screen can compete against the Wide View IPS RGB LED panel that Dell employed in the 17 inch professional based Precision M6600 laptop last year? This screen was an optional extra for Dell customers which increased the system price of the Precision M6600 machine by over £400.

Macworld say that the new screen is supplied with a staggering resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, which is the same size as the older 1400 x 900 model, with four pixels for every one now.

“Just as on the iPad and iPhone, a retina display offers incredibly smooth, clear text and images with startling detail. It's quite funny to view a Final Cut Pro interface with roughly a quarter of the screen taken up with a video preview, only to realize that the video is playing back at full, native 1080p resolution with plenty of room to spare. Pictures are similarly sharp. Web pages display with crisp text but, as on the third-generation iPad, most images on those pages are noticeably jaggy.”

They continue “Apple says that the process used to attach the Retina display to the monitor allows less glass to be used, creating less glare. It's hard to tell without more use, but it seems that the new MacBook Pro is more like the MacBook Air (which I don't find particularly glare-prone) than the older MacBook Pros (which seemed quite glarey).

If it weren't for the Retina display, this MacBook Pro would seem to be just about what I expected from the infusion of some MacBook Air sensibility into the MacBook Pro line. It seems like there will be a day, in the not too distant future, when there's just a single line of MacBooks from a tiny 11-incher to this larger 15-incher. That day's not here yet—this model is too expensive right now to wipe out the lower-cost MacBook Pro models—but it's coming. ”

if you are interested check out the first look, over here.

Kitguru says: One of the best laptop screens on the market? We need to wait for further analysis.

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