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Apple to release thinner, faster iMac this week

Apple will be releasing their new iMac on Friday 30th November. The new iMac computer will have a 21.5 inch screen and a new ‘Fusion Drive’. Apple confirmed the price in America as between $1,299 and $1,499. They will also be releasing a new 27 inch model in December with pricing said to be around $1,799.

The new ‘Fusion drive’ is a mixture of flash and mechanical technology and will feature a minimum size of 1TB in the cheaper models. The new iMac models are 80 percent thinner than the predecessor at 5mm thick.

Image credit: Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Sadly the new iMac’s won’t feature a Retina display or an optical drive although Marketing boss Phil Schiller did say that Apple would offer an optical drive’ to purchase for those ‘still stuck in the past’. Clearly I am still stuck in the past with my new Bluray burner then?

Kitguru says: Super thin and faster. Mac fans will be queuing for this one.

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  • Andrew Freeman

    Their OS doesnt even support bluray burning! ill pass……. ‘thing of the past’ what arrogance they have.