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A cheaper version of the HTC One M9 could be in the works

HTC has only just announced its latest flagship device, the HTC One M9, but it looks like a cheaper version could already be on the way according to new reports.

This isn’t an unusual move for HTC as it did launch a plastic version of last year’s flagship, the HTC One M8, the cheap alternative was known as the HTC E8.


According to Upleaks, this device is set to be called the HTC One E9. HTC has become very predictable over the last two years so these rumors have a good chance of being accurate.

According to the site, the cheaper M9 alternative device will feature a 2GHz MediaTek processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB os storage and a 20 megapixel rear camera.

Some of the specs, like the RAM, storage and camera are similar to those of the HTC One M9. However, other aspects of the device, namely the CPU, are definitely inferior.

The HTC One E9 will apparently come with a Dual SIM variant, which is common in budget devices.

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KitGuru Says: HTC has become very predictable with its releases since the launch of the HTC One line of devices. While this should still technically be considered speculation, it does sound pretty accurate. 

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