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Apparently the Galaxy Note 5 won’t launch in the UK

Samsung held its Unpacked event today, revealing two phones we have been reporting on for weeks: The Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge+. While traditionally the Galaxy Note devices have sold very well, it seems Samsung has a plan to divide these two new phones up depending on the market in each country.

Unfortunately for those in the UK, this means that the Galaxy Note 5 is only launching in the US and Asian markets for the time being. However, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ will be launching in the UK, though it won't be available until some time in September.


TrustedReviews attended the event and managed to get this explanation out of a Samsung spokesperson:”The market availability of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 will vary according to consumer needs and the specific market situation. The Galaxy Note 5 will be introduced in the US and Asian markets in August, and Samsung will look at further opportunities to launch Galaxy Note 5 in other markets.”

The last part of the spokesperson's statement suggests that we may see the Galaxy Note 5 in the UK eventually, possibly when there is a bit more stock kicking around that Samsung needs to shift. However, if you are in the UK and were hoping to upgrade from an older Galaxy Note device this year, then it doesn't look like that's going to be an option.

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KitGuru Says: Samsung is launching two phablets today, with similar specifications and screen sizes. As a result, it is dividing up which countries get which phone, which unfortunately limits consumer choice in certain areas. Are any of you currently using a Galaxy Note? Were you hoping to upgrade this year? 

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