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Blackberry Passport smartphone sold out in less than a day

Was there consumer demand for a square shaped smartphone with physical QWERTY keyboard running Blackberry’s OS? Apparently so as the company has already sold out of its recently announced device. The Blackberry Passport officially launched on Wednesday and has sold 200,000 units, which is impressive considering the company’s current lack of market share.

The Passport sold out in just six hours on the Blackberry website and sold out in ten hours on Amazon, the strong early start to this device could help the company in its efforts to turn around and regain a solid place in the mobile market.


Blackberry is back to focussing on professional users with this device, aiming to capture those that prefer a physical keyboard and focus on emails and productivity. The Passport shows off the CEO’s strategy to cater for those that work in large corporations and government agencies.

The smartphone is currently available for $599 in the US, you can also pick it up in the UK either inside a Selfridges store or direct through the Blackberry website unlocked for £529.

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KitGuru Says: Those sales seem to be pretty good considering how unpopular Blackberry has become. This all happened less than a week after the iPhone 6 went on sale too. Can Blackberry return to profitability by catering towards the professional market? What do you guys think? 

Source: Cnet

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