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Google has hired a former Apple chip architect, custom SoCs on the way

It looks like Google is preparing some big changes to its mobile division going forward as reports this week claim that Google has managed to hire up an ex-Apple chip architect. The idea of Google producing its own hardware for future smartphones has been floating around for a while but with a chip development expert now in the ranks, it is closer than ever to reality.

Specifically, Google has hired Manu Gulati, a former Apple micro-architect, who worked on Apple chip development for close to eight years. According to Variety, he just switched to Google’s team, with the new job title of lead SoC architect.

This is a new position for Google, which currently buys all of its SoCs from third-party companies, like Qualcomm or even Texas Instruments. This move appears to be paving the way for a shift in focus to develop new SoC designs for the Google Pixel. While Google may design the chips though, it will still need to pay a fabricator to make them, like Samsung or TSMC.

KitGuru Says: There has been talk of Google taking the ‘Apple approach’ to making smartphones for some time now. However, this move is the biggest indicator so far that Google will begin designing more of its own hardware.

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