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No Google Play for Blackberry afterall

Yesterday we posted an article on Google Play running on a couple of Blackberry devices, at the time the images looked pretty convincing and led us to believe that Google and Blackberry might be forming a partnership. Well it turns out it was just a rumour as Blackberry has come out to debunk it.

Talking to CNET, a Blackberry representative said: “I can confirm that there is no planned support for Google Play on BlackBerry.”

“BlackBerry World remains the primary source for trusted and curated BlackBerry applications and we continue to support open standards and open source tools so BlackBerry developers can continue to create apps on any of the development platforms we support.”

So thats it, Blackberry has officially denied rumours of a Google partnership to help improve the number of apps available on its platform. Blackberry users can still side load Android apps but the average user probably doesn’t want the hassle and will go somewhere else, especially since BBM recently went multi-platform.


Making the Google Play store available would’ve helped Blackberry become competitive again, you can’t really have a smartphone with no apps these days, especially when the competition has plenty. As far as the images go, we don’t know how Google Play was running on that particular device or how the images were faked.

Kitguru Says: Things still aren’t looking good for Blackberry but do you guys think a comeback is still possible?

Sources: CNET, Techradar

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