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Convincing NES Mini fakes are out in the wild

During Nintendo’s NES Mini run, units were vastly short of the demand resulting in many disappointed fans across the globe. Of course, by now the microconsole is completely out of stock, which makes this new shipment placed for sale online all the stranger. Despite the company discontinuing the microconsole to …

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Facebook changes Real Name policy, adds more context

Facebook has been at the forefront of people using their real names on the internet since its inception. However as time has gone on, it’s received more and more pressure from certain groups to allow for the occasional use of faux-names to cater to different lifestyle choices. To try and have …

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Is a torrent vigilante aiding the music industry?

Torrent uploaders – and to a lesser extent downloaders – face the ever present threat of being discovered. If they’re prolific, the knock at the door may come from a SWAT battering ram, but casual seeders may just receive a letter or email from a music lobby group or copyright …

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Fake swatting yourself can get you in trouble too

Swatting has become something of an occupational hazard for popular Twitch and Youtube streamers. If their address is somehow leaked, there are a nefarious few around the world who have falsely called in armed police responses to their homes. It’s very dangerous and can land those responsible in jail, but …

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Facebook allows you to report fake news

Facebook news false

Facebook will soon allow you to report fake news stories that appear in your news feed, so that others can be made aware that they are not in fact true. They have said that this will only affect news from pages that are deliberately trying to mislead readers and not satirical …

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No Google Play for Blackberry afterall

Yesterday we posted an article on Google Play running on a couple of Blackberry devices, at the time the images looked pretty convincing and led us to believe that Google and Blackberry might be forming a partnership. Well it turns out it was just a rumour as Blackberry has come …

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