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RED’s first smartphone is built out of titanium and offers a ‘holographic display’

These days, the flagship smartphone market is pretty formulaic with most companies following the same trends each year. However, in 2018, high-end camera maker, RED, is looking to shake things up a bit, with a super high-end smartphone known as the Hydrogen One, with the headlining feature being a ‘holographic display'.

As RED puts it, the Hydrogen One's 5.7-inch display will be capable of seamlessly switching between traditional 2D, holographic multi-view content and 3D content. It's a lot to wrap your head around but as RED founder, Jim Jannard, puts it, “there is no good way to describe it until you see it”. With that being said, it is hard to really imagine how this phone will work and what holographic capabilities will bring to the tablet. January also points out that the display is not Lenticular, which is the inferior tech used in defunct projects, like Amazon's Fire Phone, or the LG Optimus.

Aside from multi-dimensional viewing, RED claims to have an algorithm that can convert stereo audio until “multi-dimensional audio”. Modular attachments will also be on sale, specifically for the camera, which isn't a huge surprise given that cameras are RED's specialty.

Obviously, all of this new technology doesn't come cheap. RED's Hydrogen One will come in two versions, one with an aluminium body and another with a Titanium body. The former is cheaper, starting at $1195, while the latter is more expensive, with a $1595 price tag. Both are available for pre-order on RED's website, though exact specs are still to be confirmed. We do know that the phone will run Android and feature USB Type-C though.

KitGuru Says: While this phone will surely be niche due to its high price tag, it is exciting to see a company bringing something ambitious and new to the smartphone space. We still don't know exactly how the display will work but it sounds like it will be worth checking out.

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