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Report claims Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to launch in July

Samsung has been pushing up its release schedule this year. Not only did the company begin showing off its Galaxy S7 at the end of February but now it looks like the Galaxy Note 6 could be arriving as early as July, much sooner than the usual August launch schedule for the Note series. The Galaxy Note 6 is also said to launch with Android N right from the get-go, falling in line with Google's ‘Summer' release window for the new update.

The report comes from the Korean news outlet, The Bell, which cites sources close to Samsung's plans. While the July  release window isn't completely out of the question, it would be quite a change to see Android N launch on a non-Nexus device, especially so early on in the year.


We don't know much else about the Galaxy Note 6 just yet but we do know that while Samsung did not launch the Note 5 in the UK last year, it will be rectifying that this year with the Note 6. There will be a Galaxy S7 Edge+ as well at some point this year but it will be limited to certain territories according to current reports.

KitGuru Says: Given that the Galaxy S7 launched earlier than expected this year, it wouldn't be too surprising to see the Galaxy Note 6 launch a little earlier this year. However, I am a bit skeptical about it launching with Android N right off the bat, particularly since Samsung has a habit of updating its devices fairly slowly. 

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