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Samsung confirms no Galaxy S8 at MWC this year

Today has been quite the day for Samsung. The company started it out by finally confirming the two faults behind the Galaxy Note 7 failures and then went on to tackle expectations for the Galaxy S8. It has been rumoured for a while now that Samsung would not launch its next flagship in late February this year but today, the company confirmed that.

Today, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S8 would be a no-show at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year. Traditionally, Samsung will use this event to show off its next big phone but that won’t be the case this year, which lends legitimacy to earlier rumours, which claim that Samsung won’t launch the Galaxy S8 until April.


After recalling its entire batch of Galaxy Note 7 stock, Samsung is taking extra precautions for its next launch, which is why the Galaxy S8 is getting pushed back a little bit. Still though, the Galaxy S8 might be well worth waiting for judging by the image leaks we saw last week.

KitGuru Says: Samsung pushing back the launch of the Galaxy S8 makes a lot of sense, the company will want to move on from the Galaxy Note 7 situation in the best way possible, which in this case means taking some extra time for testing. Are any of you planning on picking up a new phone this year?

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