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Samsung Galaxy S6 Touch Wiz to look more like stock Android

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is due out some time within the next few months and is set to breathe new life in to the tired Galaxy brand. How will Samsung achieve this? by finally giving in and re-designing the Touch Wiz Android skin.

According to a new report from Business Korea, we can expect this year's flagship device to use a completely redesigned version of Touch Wiz, which will closely resemble Google's own stock version of Android, while also being less bloated and more efficient.

Image Source : Concept Phones

Samsung is apparently looking to provide a smoother experience and take up less storage space with its unpopular Android skin. Heavy Samsung users have been asking for a new version of Touch Wiz for some time now and while we've had some rumors and leaks here and there, nothing concrete has been released yet.

The Galaxy S6 is expected to be revealed around March or April, around one year after the Galaxy S5. Samsung's smartphone sales have been taking a dive over the last year, so the company needs to make more of an effort to impress people this year.

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KitGuru Says: Improving Touch Wiz would be a big step in the right direction for Samsung. Would you guys like to see a more ‘stock like' experience on Samsung's devices?

Source: Business Korea

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  1. Yes, a more stock experience with some added (and useful) features could make me come back to Samsung.

  2. They need to be more developer friendly. Samsung make nice hardware, but they insist on using Exynos and they insist on being anti-after market. Is sooner run stock Android entirely than anything TouchWiz