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Samsung Galaxy S8 may offer up to 256GB of storage

People are relying more on their smartphones every year and as a result, for many, storage needs have also increased quite a bit, which has led to 8GB and 16GB phones becoming a thing of the past, with most companies now focussing on offering 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. However, we may see things evolve further next year, as reports indicate that Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S8, may come with a massive 256GB of storage.

According to reports this week, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is set to come with 6GB of RAM for all of the multitaskers out there and may include a 256GB option for the first time ever. This would be a departure from the Galaxy S7, which offers 32GB of internal storage but allows expansion through a microSD card slot.


This move to 256GB options would also help Samsung compete with the likes of the iPhone 7, which also comes in a 256GB option for power users. However, it is worth pointing out that after the Note 7 fiasco, Samsung’s plans are a little ‘up in the air’ in terms of the Galaxy S8, with recent reports indicating that the smartphone has been delayed, meaning it may not make an appearance at the Mobile World Congress in February next year.

Like many smartphone rumours, this one originated over on Weibo, so its accuracy is debatable but given how no smartphone company on the planet can seem to keep a lid on leaks these days, I wouldn’t be too surprised if this turned out true when Samsung is ready to make its announcement next year.

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KitGuru Says: While I probably could never fill up a 256GB smartphone, if it was my sole source of entertainment and productivity, then that additional storage would probably come in handy. Are any of you guys mobile power users? Would you ever need 256GB of storage on a smartphone?

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