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Samsung teasing big things for wireless charging this year

Samsung has had a special team focusing on developing wireless charging technology for around 15 years now and apparently this year is going to be huge for advancements in the field, according to the company. Over the last few years, Samsung has been showing its commitment to wireless charging tech by baking it in to several of its flagship devices, namely the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S5.

We've heard rumors that Samsung will debut improved wireless charging technology with the Galaxy S6 this year and it looks like that may still be the plan with the introduction of a new industry standard, something that wireless charging has been missing thus far.

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There are currently three organisations working on standardizing wireless charging, including the Wireless Power Consortium, the Power Matters Alliance and the Alliance for Wireless Power. While the WPC sees a future in Qi technology, the other two alliances have teamed up to push their own standard.

Samsung is actually a member of all three organisations and has announced that a component that supports multiple standards on a single chip has been created. The component was actually created last year but according to Samsung it takes between six months to a year to integrate new components with devices on the market.

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KitGuru Says: Wireless charging hasn't had a big push for a while, maybe this will be the year that the technology starts to take over. What do you guys think of wireless charging? Could Samsung overcome the current issues? 

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