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Acer to launch new AMD netbooks – V105 CPU’s

Acer are announcing two new netbooks which they will be adding to their Aspire One lineup … this time around they are using both AMD processors and graphics configurations. The Acer 521 is a 10 inch model and the larger 721 will be a 11.6 inch model.

Acer are stating that the systems use Radeon HD4225 graphics and that they will be likely versions of the 785G/880G chipsets which feature the HD4000 based graphics solutions onboard. The new AMD V105 is a 1.2ghz single core processor which only requires a 9w power drain and is based on 45nm technology – much superior to the old K8 CPU's running on 65nm architecture. We look forward to seeing how this performs in the real world, especially when compared with the Intel Atom.

Acer will be giving the option for up to 4GB of DDR3 in the machines with a screen resolution of 1,366×768 on the 11.6 inch model (720p). We would assume the 10 inch model will be a more conservative 1024×768 or 1024×600. Interestingly both of these panels will be utilising light emitting diodes  (LED) which should significantly help overall quality and increase battery life. Bluetooth, webcam and other goodies will also be included.

KitGuru says: If you are looking for a new netbook and are an AMD lover, then these might just hit the spot.

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