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Intel preps launch of 665, 655, 665, no 655

Everyone is waiting for the totally unlocked and unleashed i7-875k and a similarly unlocked i5 processor, but they can’t seem to decide what to call it.

Products launch in a blaze of publicity and, budget permitting, a ton of marketing spend. Normally though, one thing would be clear, sharp and consistent.

The name of the product.

It’s kind of important. When you look at reviews, adverts and information on a company’s web site, it’s nice when they use the same name throughout.

Those of you who follow KitGuru closely, will have noticed that we’ve had to re-edit all our strories on the new ‘Special k’ i5 product, because the name kept changing. Even days it is the 665, odd days it is the 655 and twice a month we call it the 675.

This is the last time we’ll be confused, because, with 100% certainty, it will be solved by bedtime tonight – or one unlucky marketing VP will be getting no supper. The marketing material sent to market includes 665k and 655k branding for one, single product.

KitGuru says: Now that can’t be right – unless the HT section has its own name/personality!  Come on Intel, please confirm your chosen number.

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