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YouTube: 2 billion downloads daily

YouTube made a public announcement stating that they get over two billion hits each day which works out at over twice as many people who watch all three of the biggest US TV networks combined.

“I see this great growth opportunity in the online video market and we are positioning ourselves to be a leader. We are a stage and we give everyone in the world an opportunity to participate and that is being a video platform for creating a solution for people to not only upload and distribute their videos on a global basis but to find and share videos.” co founder Chad Hurley told BBC News.

He wasn't overly optimistic about the 2 billion download figure and said that on average people are only spending 15 minutes a day on Youtube but watch TV for five hours a day. Clearly he wants to work out a system to attract people to the site for longer periods of time.

Youtube was bought by Google at the end of 2006 for $1.65bn which seems almost like a bargain if they can turn 2 bn hits a day into solid revenue.

KitGuru says : Youtube not only want hits, but people to start spending longer on the site.

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