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Gizmodo v Apple Round 4 – the ‘lost’ iPhone Saga

Jason Chen – editor of Gizmodo has been trying to hold his own against Apple in the case of the ‘lost' iPhone. Brian Hogan, 21, who lives in Redwood City, California was promised $8,500 from Gizmodo if the phone he had was actually the upcoming iPhone, due for release in a few months time. $5,000 was promised initially with $3,500 as a bonus if the device was actually a currently unreleased product.

The affidavit says Hogan's roommate, Katherine Martinson reported this sale directly to Apple, fearing for her own legal standing. Brian Hogan then apparently attempted to hide the photos and evidence from the police.

This details were documented in an affidavit for the warrant to search Gizmodo editor Jason Chen's home in Fremont – released on Friday by San Mateo County Superior Court judge Clifford Cretan. News organizations such as the Associated Press, Wired.com and Bloomberg news requested that the affidavit be unsealed claiming that the search may have violated state and federal laws against searches involving reporters in specific situations.

This affidavit doesn't mention that Chen is a journalist but the judge said he was aware of this. Bloomberg reported that documents on Friday showed that Apple CEO Steve Jobs asked Gizmodo editorial director Brian Lam to return this phone. The phone was returned after Gizmodo took it apart and published pictures and videos online and also posted a letter from Bruce Sewell, Apple General Counsel who confirmed the device was legitimate.

You can view the affidavit over here and if you want to catch up on all of this directly on Gizmodo, head over here, they have a dedicated subsection relating to it.

KitGuru says: We reckon Gizmodo have been taken off the Apple Christmas list this year.

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