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Most powerful MSI notebook ever debuts at Gadget Show

At the opening day of the Gadget Show LIVE at the Birmingham NEC, visitors were able to get hands-on with the fastest MSI notebook yet. It's a bit of a beast and KitGuru spies were on hand to snap the snaps.

It's hard to imagine an industry where records are broken with the same kind of regularity as the world of the PC (desktop and notebook).

No sooner has one product arrived in the market, than its successor is being lined up – ready to go. Do we care?  Apparently not. Let's be honest, we're insatiable and shameless. Bigger, faster and more powerful continues to draw us poor geeks like a KitGuru-moth to the wage-consuming flame.

Fear not, MSI has served up another slice of  ‘Oh, yes please!' at the NEC.

It took us almost 20 minutes to prise MSI's marketing uber-guru John Inwood away from his army of adoring fans, in order to take this picture. Popular chap.

This time, marketing whizz, John Inwood, was on hand to explain that MSI is dead serious about mobile computing overall and hardcore gaming laptops in particular. Well, with key sponsorship of pro-gaming-outfit Fnatic – MSI will need to innovate and deliver the goods on a regular basis. Pro-gamers don't like second best.

So, what does the MSI 780 look like and what does it deliver?

Well, the latest Intel Core i7 mobile processor drives boost nice and fast from a pair of 500GB drives in RAID 0 formation. Gaming on the 1080p screen comes from the nVidia GT555M graphics card with 1GB of GDDR5. While the processing and visual engine are great, we're gonna go out on a limb and say that the audio probably deserves to be output to something more substantial than the built in speakers. While they are nice enough, the THX TruStudio Pro capability no doubt yearns for something more.

It's a substantial device with a SteelSeries keyboard built in. Here's an earlier mock-up we created in the KitGuru studio, alongside the beast itself, exposed up at the Gadget Show.

Not quite sure why MSI chose to showcase its fastest laptop ever with nature shots of ducks in natural habitats. We much prefer Crysis 2 in all its HD, nanosuited glory

KitGuru says: Mobile gaming solutions like MSI's GX780R, are finally delivering the kind of portable power that pro-gamers need to progress in competitive gaming. Most will still prefer their desktop units, but the gap between desktop and laptop has never been slimmer.

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