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Robots mow your lawns

While the idea of a gleaming, golden, human-cyborg relations specialist who enjoys the odd oil bath, is very appealing – the reality of robots in our lives is a lot less glamorous. Up at the Gadget Show LIVE, KitGuru finally saw a robot application that makes sense.

Until recently, only a small flock of sheep was likely to keep your lawn neatly trimmed without much effort. That's now changed.

We've all seen robotic vacuum cleaners. Initially costing around £4,000 – they are set to drop to a much more affordable £300 this year – with new entries from companies like MSI driving prices down.

MSI dust bots are coming to a floor near you soon. You hope.

Now, 15,000 Swedish geniuses at Husqvarna have brought ‘advanced lazy thinking' to the common English garden. Nice.

OK, these cool little robots might start at over £1,000 right now, but there's every chance that this new garden-cutting technology will drop in price soon enough. Depending on demand.

You can watch a load of cool, instructional videos over here.

The actual robots themselves are sold according to how much grass they can cut, with the entry level model 305 (£1,099) munching 500 metres sq – and the humongous 260 ACX able to cull over 5,000 metres sq (£3,499).

There was a simple demonstration running at the Gadget Show, and it was obvious that the mower understood the boundaries and was not likely to run off and try to cut paving slabs.

Clever people at Husqvarna are working day and night to help us spend more time relaxing. Much appreciated.

KitGuru says: Finally, a technology that will truly allow us to develop pot-bellies in the middle of summer. Yes, yes, more laziness – that's what we all need.

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