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CES: Samsung flexible phone prototype shown

Samsung showcased their ‘Youm', the brand they are using for their flexible display technology is a prototype that is not going to launch in the near future. The Telegraph said that Samsung's focus on this technology is going to be worrying their competitors.

Their demo model highlighted the Windows 8 operating system.

Analysts say that the main use for flexible displays will be more than likely linked to devices that are more durable than glass because they can absorb force, rather than crack. The flexible panels could also be used to wrap around devices and to show information on their edges.

The Telegraph add “Eric Rutter, Microsoft’s Chief Technology Strategy Officer, said that it was clear that displays did not need to be rigid. On stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the prototype phone was shown being flexed and bent without any conspicuous colour distortion, with other pre-recorded demonstrations shown on film. Referring to people who have talked about Apple's marketing creating a “reality distortion field,” he claimed “we've actually built one”.”

Kitguru says: A flexible 30 inch screen? Would that be useful for the home?

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