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Windows Phone 7 sales not impressive

Microsoft have been fairly tight lipped about Windows Phone 7 sales figures, but Informationweek have published details on their annual report which would indicate that the company has generated under $613 million from WP7.

Seatlepi.com reported that Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division generated $8.716 billion. The Xbox 360 took $8.103 billion of that figure, which would leave around $613 million for the revenue brought in by both Windows Phone 7 and the older Windows Mobile 5.x/6/x platforms.

While these figures will not be confirmed by Microsoft it looks to be a pretty bad situation for Microsoft who have been struggling for many years now in the mobile space.

By the year end of 2010 Microsoft said they had sold 1.5 million WP7 handsets. This however is the figure they shipped to retailers, not sales to the end user. They haven’t detailed how many people have bought them and by late January, Microsoft raised the number to 2 million.

Right now, regardless of official reports, it would seem that Microsoft are struggling to get the sales they need to be truly competitive in this sector. If Mango isn’t a success then it is hard to know how they will recover to continue driving sales in the future.

Kitguru says: Microsoft are the operating system kings, but the mobile space has so far caused them difficulties.

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