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Blackberry say new platform will ‘shape next 10 years’

Blackberry are facing a tough struggle against market leaders Apple and Google. At their recent event in San Jose, California they could barely fill a third of the 1,500 seat venue. A far cry from the pioneering company of yesteryear.

Later today they are due to release financial results which analysts have predicted will be another decline. Almost 90 percent of their stock value is already gone.

At the event however Thorsten Heins, the new CEO showcased the latest products. Developers and journalists were impressed with his presentation and the stock rose by more than 5 percent.

The mobile handset, called Dev Alpha B was produced specifically for software developers so they could test their programs. The plan is that when the new devices launch next year, there will already be a list of applications ready and waiting in the wings.

Heins said “We are convinced this platform will shape the next 10 years as profoundly and as positively as BlackBerry shaped the last decade.”

Sadly, a recent survey by Appcelerator found that in the last 18 months, interest from developers has dropped significantly. Previously 40 percent of developers said they were interested in making apps for Blackberry – that number has now dropped to 9 percent.

The news that the first series of OS 10 devices will not have a physical keyboard are proving unpopular with the business audience. The core BlackBerry audience have a love for the physical keyboard, but it wont be until the second wave of products are released that this will be available.

Kitguru says: Things don’t look too good for the company. If OS10 fails to ‘relaunch’ the brand is it game over for RIM?

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