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iPhone claws back marketshare from Android

The U.S. market is dominated by Android powered smartphones, however according to research from Nielsen Apple iOS was able to take back some percentage points in the last quarter.

Nielsen say that 44.% of consumers who bought a smartphone in the last three months bought an Apple iPhone. That number was 25.1% in the three months prior to the iPhone 4S launch in October. 57% of people who bought an iPhone bought the 4S model.

Google shouldn’t be too concerned however as according to the latest figures Android phones hold 46.3% of the US market, with iOS claiming 30%.

Research In Motion’s BlackBerry has 14.9% of the market, falling a little more in the latest quarter. Microsoft won’t be too happy with the research as Nielsen claim Windows Phone 7 holds only 1.3% of the US smartphone market. The older Mobile 5.x/6.x platform owns 4.6% of the market. Microsoft are continuing to struggle in such a competitive market and it shows no signs yet of changing.

Kitguru says: The battle between Android and iOS rages on.

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