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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 a flop, so far

Microsoft have been pumping a lot of money into Windows Phone 7, but unfortunately it hasn’t yet proved to be the resounding success they needed. While 1.5 million phones have been shipped during the first six weeks this isn’t reflective of actual sales.

Microsoft have been stating that 1.5 million phones have been shipped since the new operating system launched, and according to sources, the consumer sales figures aren’t anywhere near as impressive.

Google Android, is the hot news right now with over 300,000 phones being activated each day. In five straight days, sales alone on Google Android phones are matching what Microsoft have shipped to stores in 6 weeks. Getting this into perspective shows that Windows Phone 7 has been another mobile flop for Microsoft.

There are several major reasons to explain poor consumer adoption rates. Firstly, Windows Mobile was not a success story on any level, the operating system never took off with customers and Microsoft lost a lot of public faith in their mobile products. Windows Phone 7 had a hard claw up the hill, before it was even released.

Windows Phone 7 has also received a lot of criticism from press, with missing features, such as even a basic copy and paste. The operating system just hasn’t proved to offer anything that iOS or Android aren’t already offering, in a nicer, cheaper package.

It is still too early to say, but we feel that Microsoft are already fighting a losing battle. We will have more detailed information in the next couple of months, but this might be another disaster for the company, who are very keen to make an impact into the mobile sector.

KitGuru says: They have a tough battle ahead of them, but early adoption shows customer faith in the new OS is not good.

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