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Nokia – attractive phone design important to win customers

Nokia held an event yesterday in London called ‘Nokia World' and they presented four new smartphones to help win back customers from rivals such as Apple.

Nokia's design strategy director said that he expects attractive hardware design to become increasingly important in order to win new smartphone buyers as the market for advanced handsets widens. Without sounding controversial, isn't that what Apple has been doing for years anyway?

Nokia 6300 phone

Marko Ahtisaari also said that he felt smart phone enthusiast users wanted more personalised options made available in a good looking device with a greater focus on size, form factor and colour. Ahtisarri is a key figure in the new phone development and was keen to showcase their new N8, E7, C6 and C7 phones.

He also said that Symbian and their phones have an edge against rivals like the iPhone because they offer more customisation for users, who are able to set up shortcuts. According to Ahtisaari they are going to be updating the look and feel of Symbian over the next few years, bringing it firmly into the cutting edge sector. They really have no option with iOS and Google Android taking all the headlines lately.

New phones from Nokia may also be based around the MeeGo Platform, which was co-developed by processor giant Intel – this will probably be used in their top of the line models.

Kitguru says: Symbian is still the world's most adopted OS, but recent analyst reports in show that Android growth might be threatening their number 1 position, but not for a few years at least.

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