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Handy Job for Pepper Pot (More Llano Exposure)

KitGuru's earlier shot of the full blooded, desktop Fusion processor got a lot of folks salivating and a few of them spitting bile. For your delight and delictation, we flip it over and shoot it next to something hard and spicy. Phwoah.

Life is busy already. With the launch of Fusion-class processors from both AMD and Intel in the coming months, life is just going to get harder.

KitGuru's earlier video about AMD's 18 watt Fusion ‘Zacate' chip has already become a bit of a hit, both sides of the Atlantic (and Pacific).

Everyone had expected AMD's early APU comparisons to pitch against something relatively lightweight, like a Core i3 530.

Hitting Intel's middleweight champion, full on, has proven a complete surprise.

Sugar Ray Llano set to surprise the Core i5 champ ?

Similarly, when KitGuru exclusively revealed what the new desktop Fusion processors will look like, people flooded over for a glimpse.

It's almost as if you lot like the fresh gossip!

Now, here's the hot and spicy pic you have been waiting for.

Given the need to reveal a little about the relative size, KitGuru had a handy job for the pepper pot used in this next scene.

AMD Fusion Llano APU gets exposed with spicy pepper pot for this KitGuru exclusive money shot


KitGuru says: Well, of course, this also damages Zardon's reputation. We had, in a previous story (click here), tried to convince you that Zardon had never worked with Pepper Potts. Now we is caught, awaiting the referee's decision.

QPI below, HyperTransport in the KitGuru forum.

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