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AMD sued for overestimating demand for ‘Llano’ APUs

AMD’s code-named “Llano” accelerated processing unit took around four years to develop and suffered from a lot teething problems. Market success of the “Llano” was moderate to say at least, but troubles with the chips caused massive losses for AMD. Nonetheless, it looks like AMD will have to suffer because …

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AMD leaked info shows upcoming Core i7 2600k performance levels

Some performance projections for AMD’s upcoming range of FX and Llano A4, A6 and A8 APU’s have leaked online. These slides have been published by DonanimHaber and they highlight that Llano should prove a good ‘overall’ match for Intel’s Sandybridge processors. While the GPU elements appear stronger, the CPU processing …

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Intel hands Q3 to AMD Llano – strategic error?

After having the market to itself for over 3 years, AMD finally woke up and realised that there was a market for a Fusion-class processor that combined decent CPU-ing with decent GPU-ing. News into KitGuru suggests that Intel might be embarking on a strange strategy for 2011. Here’s what we …

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Handy Job for Pepper Pot (More Llano Exposure)

KitGuru’s earlier shot of the full blooded, desktop Fusion processor got a lot of folks salivating and a few of them spitting bile. For your delight and delictation, we flip it over and shoot it next to something hard and spicy. Phwoah. Life is busy already. With the launch of …

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