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AMD leaked info shows upcoming Core i7 2600k performance levels

Some performance projections for AMD’s upcoming range of FX and Llano A4, A6 and A8 APU’s have leaked online.

These slides have been published by DonanimHaber and they highlight that Llano should prove a good ‘overall’ match for Intel’s Sandybridge processors. While the GPU elements appear stronger, the CPU processing power will likely be weaker.

In testing it appears that the most power A8 series Llano chip can outclass the Core i5 2300 in PCMark and 3DMark Vantage testing, however when CPU power is analysed it falls behind the Core i3 2100. AMD are well known to have strong graphics processing but Sandybridge is still a tough chip to target purely on CPU power alone.

The 8 Core FX processor seemingly matches the Core i7 2600k and ranks 25 percent faster than the current X6 1100T flagship chip. Clearly Intel will still have the ultimate high end lead with the 970, 980x and 990x processors.

KitGuru says: Obviously none of this is verified and until we get our hands on it directly it is to be taken with a pinch of salt, but it gives an indication that the upcoming chips are certainly a significant leap ahead for AMD.

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