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Skype dumps mobile Windows ?

There are a lot of ways to make calls in the world, and some are stranger than others.

One of the more unusual couplings is using a phone call application like Skype to make phone calls over the web connection provided by a phone.

KitGuru’s heard Rumblings-Over-IP about a possible fall out.

We have been pinged several times in the last couple of hours by KitGuru readers who say that Windows on the mobile is now so clean, that no trace of it can be found anywhere on the Skype web site.

Originally, we’d thought that there would be a new service introduced around the time that the existing free service was phased out. With an opportunity to charge money coming up, surely there’d be some hussle. Doesn’t appear to have been.

We’re not sure exactly what’s going on – or what the deal is, but KitGuru spies have been trying to engage with Skype personnel over at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and officials were saying nothing.

They even have a Twitter wall, splattered with logos. We’ve gone boss-eyed trying to see a Skype one – but there does not appear to have been any news from the free-call champions.

What the hell is going on?

Communications breakdown between Skype and Windows Phones? The headlines write themselves [I like, ‘No voice over Win IP’ – Ed].

Skype remains tight lipped at the Mobile World Congress

KitGuru says: If anyone knows what’s going to happen next – we’d love to know. Would be useful to have Skype on a full range of mobile products, surely.

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