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KitGuru surges in popularity, Multiplay adds extra gigs

Just 10 months ago, KitGuru was a glint in Zardon’s eye. Now, as we pass Valentine’s Day 2011, the site traffic has been growing so fast that action was required to ensure smooth delivery. KitGuru steals an ID pass for a fortified data centre and slips inside Multiplay Command Central.

The story follows, but first up we need to do this:  “BIG THANKS!”

We need to say that, often. Without you, the KitGuru reader, we would be nowhere. We may have started with a trickle of an audience back in May 2010, but the waters rose, the dam (and any insufficient server) was quickly destroyed by a torrent of technology enthusiasts, of all sizes/ages/nationalities – who have been pouring onto the KitGuru site ever since.

Any way you look at it, the growth has been really impressive. More readers has meant that we’ve been able to invest in more personnel and content, which is good news for everyone.

Well, almost everyone.

There is one dynamic duo whose scowl is inversely proportional to the average KitGuru reader’s smile.

These un-sung heroes are the Systems Management Team over at Multiplay, the world’s leading online gaming specialists – and valued KitGuru partner.

While the rest of the world is happy to have huge sites with massive traffic and tons of downloads, System Managers are motivated by Something very different. Time. Specifically, three different types of time:-

1) Instant response time

2) 100% up time

3) Buffy the Vampire Slayer time (specifically Willow moments – long after the working day is done)

Today’s KitGuru upgrade focuses on response time. To ensure that the on-going ramp up of KitGuru visitors all get access to Zardon’s epic 40-page reviews, lightning fast, Super Steve (and Dan the Man) have upgraded the main box with a solid 48GB of the latest server RAM.

Multiplay's Steve and Dan can't contain their joy when an upgrade goes well. Theatre lovers among you may also recognise them from some of the dramatic work they have done.

Those who have been with us since the (pre-Multiplay) beginning, will remember when KitGuru’s world exclusive stories could easily cause a traffic surge big enough to ‘down the main box’. Never again.

With the latest insertion [make your own RAM jokes here – Ed], all of our articles, news items and buying guides should be delivered to a global audience of millions, just as fast as the Interwibble‘s little legs can carry it.


Back in the 90s, 48GB of DDR was almost enough to protect you from marauding Spice Girls

KitGuru says: OK, work over. Time for you take a ‘personal moment’ with every system manager’s 3rd favourite kind of time – courtesy of YouTube. You folks deserve it!

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