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Motorola Xoom wifi launching at $599

Motorola are launching the wifi only Xoom on March 27th, according to a Staples flyer, offering a 3G free and cheaper version of the Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet.

Droid Life spotted the flyer, which indicates a $599 price for the Xoom WiFi model. This is the same price as Verizon is asking for the 3G enabled Xoom on contract, which ties the user into a 2 year data plan agreement. The Xoom 3G is also available free from a contract, but that is more expensive, at $799.99.

Obviously without 3G you can't connect online anywhere outside WiFi hotzones and there are promises of a 4G upgrade later in 2011. The flyer from Staples also indicates the silver backed version of the Xoom, which was thought to be a European exclusive deal.

KitGuru says: UK pricing has yet to be set, but expect to get little change out of £500, due to the very high VAT rate right now.

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