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Google to launch social ‘Circles’ network in may: rumour

The Next Web, a respected technology blog, repeated their claim that Google's social service is going to launch in May. Google are not confirming the claims, saying ‘We do not comment on rumour and speculation.”

Strengthening their social media networking makes sense for Google as it is one of their weak spots although Marissa Mayer has pointed out that the company does deliver social recommendations through their location based services, with plans to go even further.

The upcoming, and unconfirmed Google social network apparently might be called ‘ Google Circles' and we would expect a neat user interface to match the other streamlined packages they currently have on the market.

Google Circles is set to target the ‘Facebook' market, although it will be a tough order, even for Google, to persuade Facebook users to abandon that platform for something new. That said, if anyone can do it, it would be the search engine Giant who are already making an impact in the smartphone market.

KitGuru says: Can Google make a social networking interface offering new features that no one else has?

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