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AMD Bulldozer FX ‘Zambezi’ chip info leaked

Many people are waiting with baited breath on the upcoming AMD Bulldozer range. Xbit labs have leaked an internal AMD document which shows the FX series will be based around four separate chips.

The four core FX-4110 is the entry level model, the six core FX6110 takes up the midrange and the eight core FX8110 and FX 8130P are the high end models. All four are going to be available apparently in ‘Black Edition’ format, meaning they will have an unlocked multiplier to cater to the enthusiast audience. Always a good move.

Each of the processors will include 8MB of L3 cache memory, and 1MB of Level 2 cache per core, which means 4MB, 6MB or 8MB depending on the model. They are rated to a 95W thermal profile although the high end FX 8130P demands 125W, still rather impressive.

These processors will work on AM3+ motherboard and are built on the 32nm manufacturing process thanks to Globalfoundries. They will all include AMD’s Turbo Core technology to speed up the chips when all cores are not fully stressed under load, as required. No clock speed information has been leaked yet, so its pretty much all guesswork. We do know that the integrated memory controller will be ticking along at 1,866mhz.

Nordic Hardware also got their hands on official box artwork, although the source is not known. AMD have obviously not confirmed this, so we can’t claim it is truly official until AMD highlight it at a later date. It does say ‘unlock supremacy’ on the front, highlighting the Black Edition configuration.

KitGuru says: Will they be enough to mount a serious challenge on Intel’s range? That is the million dollar question.

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