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KitGuru Lite examines AMD’s Bulldozer

Rocking past 8GHz takes a lot of effort. AMD has managed to do it and, in the process, set a Guinness World Record. Here’s a unique presentation from the team at KitGuru Lite, on AMD’s latest viral video. Want to see how the new FX 8150 Black Edition performs? then …

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Sandy Bridge price to stay high without competition

Sources close to Intel have been in contact with KitGuru to say that there is no possibility of the price of Sandy Bridge i5 and i7 products becoming more competitively priced until AMD launches Bulldozer. Damning stuff. KitGuru investigates. We all know that competition is a good thing. We’re also …

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Bulldozer specs cause Intel to pull in roadmap

It will be quite a while before anyone is benchmarking AMD’s new Bulldozer against Ivy Bridge from Intel, but industry watchers who originally thought the match-up would not start until October, might be in for a surprise. KitGuru puts a glass to the wall and tries to discern the relevant …

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AMD Bulldozer FX ‘Zambezi’ chip info leaked

Many people are waiting with baited breath on the upcoming AMD Bulldozer range. Xbit labs have leaked an internal AMD document which shows the FX series will be based around four separate chips. The four core FX-4110 is the entry level model, the six core FX6110 takes up the midrange …

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