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AMD’s Sasa Marinkovic speaks to Kitguru about Bulldozer FX

It’s been a long time coming, but we have now entered the world of 8-core desktop processors. KitGuru is proud to bring you an exclusive PCTV interview with AMD’s Sasa Marinkovic on Bulldozer, the benefits of 8 cores and overclocking the FX.

The world plus dog has rendered an opinion on AMD’s latest processors, but how is Bulldozer viewed internally at the chip giant’s HQ?  More to the point, is the FX experience about more than just a chunk of silicon?

“Everyone at AMD is proud of this achievement, getting the AMD FX CPU to run at more than 8GHz shows just how flexible the architecture is and how much more we can expect from it in the future”, Marinkovic told Kitguru.

He added “AMD believes that enthusiasts, gamers and HD content creators will benefit from more complete control of their system”, explains Marinkovic. “With AMD OverDrive software, our customers can personalise their computing experience in real time with easy-to-use screens, designed for everyone from novice to expert user”.

KitGuru says: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’re thinking about running an FX competition for you to tell us how many words that video was worth. Stay tuned for details!

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  • Dave

    Sadly, I wanted the processor to be much more exciting. it has failed to get my attention.

    I dont think it is a ‘fail’, but it is 9 months/10 months after release of 2500k/2600k and in most cases it seems on a par, or worse.

    I really can’t see how this is great, especially as it takes AMD double the physical cores to even get to that level 🙁

    very disappointed overall. and I have no interest in 8ghz+ if 6 of the physical cores are disabled. what is the point of that? apart from chasing a record?

  • Robert Best

    I think it is a very interesting chip and quite fun for people to overclock. an area AMD didnt handle well at all.

    On the other hand I have a 1090T and see no reason to move to the new platform at all. not until the 8150 is £170 and I can sell my own chip to make up a portion of that money. I already have a 990FXa board for the changeover, but wont be making it. No way im paying more than a 2500k for it.

  • Optix

    I would buy it, but the price is too high. also im surprised how weak the individual cores are compared to the last generation. just look at cinebench, the 1100T outperforms the 2500k and the 8150. it should not be the case.

  • Manny

    He seems like a nice enough guy, but I find myself wondering about some of the points. no point going over it all in a messaging system, but its not a great launch for them.

    chasing clock speeds without focusing on the efficiency of each core just seems pointless. its like prescott all over again, hot, inefficient and demands too much power.

    Im waiting to move next year, and I had pllaned to get bulldozer before christmas. my old phenom II x6 will do the job for a while longer.

  • Intel roxors

    Cant believe people are surprised it didnt outperform 2600k. AMD need to just let ATI make the money on GPU.

  • Terboisn

    I bought one. I want to overclock it on watercooling, have it all waiting and ready for my chip to arrive.

    people read too much into things at times, its meant to be fun, thats all im interested in. If I can hit 6ghz ill be more than happy. all my danger D stuff is primed !