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KitGuru Lite examines AMD’s Bulldozer

Rocking past 8GHz takes a lot of effort. AMD has managed to do it and, in the process, set a Guinness World Record. Here’s a unique presentation from the team at KitGuru Lite, on AMD’s latest viral video.

Want to see how the new FX 8150 Black Edition performs? then check out the full review at Kitguru over here.

KitGuru says: To get the 8GHz, you will need to sacrifice some cores and purchase 200KG tanks of liquid gas. It’s not easy, but hell it is sexy.

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  • Trevor

    Looking forward to seeing more videos from KG 🙂

  • Dave

    If they had concentrated on getting more performance per core rather than chasing crazy figures it would have been better.,

    its like Intels prescott v2. power crazy and weak per clock/core.

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