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Sandy Bridge price to stay high without competition

Sources close to Intel have been in contact with KitGuru to say that there is no possibility of the price of Sandy Bridge i5 and i7 products becoming more competitively priced until AMD launches Bulldozer. Damning stuff. KitGuru investigates.

We all know that competition is a good thing. We’re also aware that lots of competition can drive features up and prices down. Fine.

What’s not normally so clear is Intel’s present policy, where it has decided that there will be no movement, whatsoever, on the new i5 and i7 chips before the AMD Bulldozer is ready to launch.

Just in case you’re thinking that there’s more than one way to affect a price, there isn’t. Not with Sandy Bridge. No movement also includes no additional channel discounts or marketing funds to move the pricing down.

How might Otellini explain Intel's price drop policy ahead of Bulldozer?

KitGuru says: This confirmation reinforces the market’s need for true competition. With Intel likely to sail way past $45Bn in revenue this year, while AMD will be happy to edge closer to $8Bn, we can all see that true competition is still not quite there. Even the most ardent Intel fan must be hoping that Bulldozer is a killer chip. It would certainly mix things up around here.

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